• Focuses on Making You Feel Comfortable
    Let's just start by saying I have MAJOR anxiety and am a huge baby when it comes to dental work. Dr. Yi has an awesome bedside manner and really focuses on making you feel comfortable. He takes his time, makes sure the experience is as pain-free and as comfortable as possible. So far all my work has lasted and is in great condition (I'm a grinder so I crack my crowns a lot). The front desk staff is super on top of things and very pleasant to work with.

    - Mark W.

  • Pleasant & Extremely Professional
    Had a very pleasant experience this morning. Each visit has been timely, pleasant, and extremely professional by the entire staff!

    - Barbara M.

  • The Best I've Experienced
    I've been a patient for the past 3 years and I highly recommend Dr. Yi! Dr. Yi is great about explaining each procedure and answering any questions that come up. He is very thorough with my annual cleanings and tells me directly on what I need to improve on. Both the quality of work and overall customer service is the best I've experienced with a dentist.

    - Joseph L.

  • Calm & Gentle
    Dr Yi, as well as his ENTIRE staff, is a class act from top to bottom. He is very patient, calm and gentle. He always allows his patients to ask as many questions as they desire. I never feel like he is rushing me, or trying to stop me from inquiring about my treatment. I have always had a great fear of the dentist, but he allowed me to grow out of that completely. He and his staff are also very knowledgeable When it comes to what the insurance company will/will not pay for.  He does his very best to preserve your teeth, not just pull them if there is a potential issue. His bedside manner is second to none.

    - Marty S.

  • Always a Good Experience
    Dr. Yi and his staff are always great. Everyone remembers me even though I only visit twice a year. Heather is very nice and is great with finding appointment times for me. There was one time I had to reschedule last minute, and she found one that was available that day. Beverly is also very nice and does a good job at cleaning my teeth. Even if Dr. Yi is busy with another patient, he'll always find time to check up on me in person when is cleaning my teeth. It is always a good experience and I definitely recommend this place.

    - Mark C.

  • In Good Hands
    I love going to Dr. Yi. I always leave feeling like I was in good hands. Everyone is friendly and knowledgable. Dr. Yi truly cares about his patients and takes his time educating his patients. I am thankful for his expertise, knowledge, and insights. He does a beautiful job and puts his heart into his work. The entire staff was excellent. They are all patient and answer all my questions. I highly recommend this office to everyone!

    - Grace M.

  • The Best Dentist
    The best dentist ever in my life. Dr Yi has time to explain everything he does, why it's important to do and gives you the pros and cons of it. He educates you about your mouth and gives you invaluable direction as to how to take care of it. His warmth and professionalism is very infectious in that the whole staff are very friendly and caring. Wish I had known him earlier but as the saying goes, " better late than never".

    - Nana A.

  • Absolutely Wonderful!
    This office is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I had surgery there today! The staff is second to none. Dr. Yi was very patient with me as I was a very nervous patient. I am telling you, I would recommend this practice to everyone!!! DR. PAUL YI, DIANE AND HEATHER...Thank you for today and may God bless you always!

    - Janice S.

  • Go Above & Beyond

    Dr. Yi and his staff always greet me with a smile and go above and beyond. I have contacted them off-hours and with last-minute needs and I have always been accommodated. Dr Yi is sensitive to patient comfort and has a great sense of humor. He also loves to say the word, "decay." I am trying to recruit my wife to start going!

    - Aaron M.

  • People Who Truly Care
    What a great dental office! From the moment you call or first come in, you deal with people who truly care about your experience and want you to have the best possible care. Heather has been at the front desk for years, and for good reason - she is very knowledgeable about procedures and insurance, and makes you feel comfortable right away. Bev has been "our" hygienist for many years. She and Dr. Yi are very responsive to any special needs and are thorough in their examination and cleaning and care of your teeth and gums. All providers and staff members are professional and helpful and treat patients with the utmost care and respect. Billing for our procedures has always been completely accurate, too.

    - Denise H.

  • Passionate About Healthy Teeth

    Just got back from seeing Dr. Yi, and you can tell he's really passionate about healthy teeth. At first, I was like *grumble* *grumble* cos I was summarily scolded for not doing everything I ought to be doing, but after I calmed down and listened I realized he was right! So I will be returning. I also love that he was the one who did my cleaning, not sure if it's the usual but I can count on one hand, how many dentists have actually done my cleaning. It was a nice, personal touch!

    - Lola K.

  • Truly Does Care
    I am lucky to have found a great dentist and staff to allow me to feel comfortable. Dr. Yi truly does care for his patients beyond just customers. He takes time to teach the patient how to brush and floss in order to maintain a healthy mouth. Through his many years of experience, he knows how to handle and treat any type of issue a patient may have. I definitely recommend Dr. Yi for any patient who wants great customer satisfaction along with great results from cleanings, extractions, implants, fillings and root canals. He also has a great hygienist, Ms. Bev. You can ask any of her patients and they will tell you how great their mouth feels after their cleaning. She really pays attention to every detail and puts in great effort to make your teeth clean.

    - Brian P.

  • Very Good Touch
    A great dentist who answers ALL questions with patience in a way I understand exactly what is going on. Dr. Yi has a very good touch. Update: My children came for their first dental vist ever and Dr. Yi was so awesome that my children have already asked me whne they can come back. Dr Yi is an exceptional dentist with great people skills. You will be pressed to find someone better.

    - Ray R.

  • Beautiful Work

    Been going to Dr. Yi for years and he gets beautiful work done every time to my satisfaction. He always recommends the best solution to my needs and I wouldn't have been able to keep my teeth this healthy without him. His staff have been great and kind with utmost care as well. I highly recommend Dr. Yi if you are looking for honest, reasonable and quality dental services.

    - Josh P.

  • Consistently Professional

    Dr. Yi, Associates and staff are consistently professional and concerned for their patients' level of comfort. The fear of pain has in the past kept me from giving my dental care the priority it requires. I can honestly say my experience with this practice has been nothing but positive. My whole family loves Dr. Yi!

    - Momma S.

  • Comfortable & Safe
    Dr. Yi and his staff go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and safe. They answer questions, provide great advice for your dental habits, and work through all procedures so your mind is at ease. With his help, I've learned about how to better take care of my wisdom teeth and sensitivity. I highly recommend becoming one of Dr. Yi's patients!

    - Minna J.

  • Compassionate Health Professional
    I have been a patient of Dr Yi for about 15 years. He is one of the most compassionate health professionals that I have ever met. He is an excellent Dentist. One day we were in the office with my grandson Sterling who had been diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Yi took the time to personally lay hands on my Sterling and pray for him. I will never forget it..Dr. Yi is an excellent practitioner but most of all he represents the LORD Jesus Christ very well. we love him.

    - Charlotte S.

  • Fabulous Job
    I first came to Dr. Yi for an emergency - my tooth had cracked down the middle and we were leaving the following day for Disney World. Even though I was a new patient, he made space for me and did a fabulous job with a temporary crown. He has been our dentist ever since. Dr. Yi is gentle, caring, and accommodating. His office staff is amazingly friendly, and they always remember little things about us that make us know we are special to them. His referral to a specialist years later for a root canal was exceptional - the surgeon was also gentle and kind. We've never had a bad experience in 9 years as patients! We highly recommend Dr. Yi - we wouldn't go anywhere else.

    - Deborah C.

  • Consummate Professional
    I thank God for Dr Yi!! I have been a patient in the Catonsville office for over 14 years. At one time my work insurance would not cover this office. I went to another dentist and was very unhappy. After that visit I went back to Dr Yi--paying out of pocket and believing God to put them back in my plan! After 1 year Dr Yi was back in my plan.( btw I would have continued to go even if they were not in my plan, that is just how much I respect his work and his practice) He is a joy and a delight to visit. Dr Yi is the consummate professional, his staff is very professional and caring, they make time to explain your treatment plan and options. Heather ( front desk receptionist) and Beverly ( hygienist) make my day when I go there! I would often get the 1st appointment of the day to listen in as Dr Yi prayed over his patients, his staff and their day. My smile was already beautiful, Dr Yi has made it dazzling! Thanks Dr Yi and staff! looking forward to my next visit!

    - Van M.

  • Kindess & Care
    Going to the dentist is usually an anxiety-provoking experience, especially after not having gone for about a decade, which was the case for me. I've been treated by Dr. Yi for 3 years now, and every time I go, he and his staff always treat me with kindness and care. With his help, I've been able to make many changes in my dental habits to help me care for my teeth better. Most recently, I've learned about ways to care for my wisdom teeth and sensitivity. It's great to know that not only my teeth, but also my well-being, are cared for by Dr. Yi and his staff. As a perk, if you refer another patient, you can earn a $25 credit good for merchandise or services!

    - Minna W.

  • I Am So Relieved

    Dr. Yi is very experienced and gives great customer service. I have had several terrible dentists in the past, but I am so relieved to have found Dr. Yi! His receptionist, Heather, is also great. She is incredibly knowledgeable about dental billing, and truly cares about the patients and her job. People like Heather are very rare these days, and I really appreciate her!

    - Brianne Y.

  • Extremely Friendly

    Maybe I got the royal treatment because I was a new patient, but wow, I have never had such a great dentist experience.  Dr. Yi and his staff were extremely friendly, and spent a good deal of time with me, discussing my concerns, explaining procedures, talking about future treatments, etc.  The exam itself was extremely thorough, as he not only checked for cavities, but also periodontal disease, and would have been more thorough with x-rays, etc., were I not pregnant at this time.  Dr. Yi did the cleaning himself, and explained everything very thoroughly, and answered my every question.  To top it all off, the receptionist occupied my 2-year-old with toys and coloring during my entire visit, and they were only a few steps away from my exam room, so I could easily hear if my child was in any distress.  The facilities could use a little sprucing up, but I wasn't there for that purpose, so it did not detract from the experience one bit.  I will definitely be going back!

    - K. T.